The average Instagram user spends more than four hours a month looking at their friends’ photos, so it’s no surprise that a Kickstarter campaign promising to stream those photos into a digital picture frame would be a hit.

The product is Design to Matter’s Instacube. When it launched on Kickstarter, the tech blogs went wild, backers tripled the donation goal to the tune of a whopping $621,000, and Savannah Peterson, head of “PR and hustle,” worked so hard on the project that she closed the campaign from the emergency room with a failing kidney.

But nearly a year after the product’s promised ship date, only a handful of beta-testers have actually seen the Instacube, making for 3,000-plus very unhappy donors, whose constant stream of vitriol has led to the resignation of both Peterson and the chief product designer, and forced Peterson to deactivate her voicemail due to a barrage of hateful messages. Continue Reading…


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